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We're delighted to announce the line-up of our first Salon, a collaboration with  taste London, the internationally renowned restaurant festival.  

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UK List of Women of Food

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We hope to publish the details you send us in a directory and listing later on this year.  By hitting the send button, this is ultimately an agreement for us to publish the information you've given, in the Women Of Food directory. If you have accidentally sent us your details, then do feel free to email vivienne.huang@womenoffood.com and your details will be removed from the list. 

For all other enquiries, email: sudi.pigott@womenoffood.com AND/OR verane.frediani@womenoffood.com.

Women of Food

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Promoting women in food

We want to make women in gastronomy equally visible and influential.

Our first step is our launch of the UK FEMALE CHEF LIST making women-led restaurants more visible. Here’s how. If you are a chef/owner of a food business, or know of one, scroll down to the Sign Up form below.

The free-access list will enable ALL: media, festivals, investors, conferences, foodies to easily and better promote gender balance.

For women of food - by women of food

Our promise is to empower women in food to network, collaborate, inspire, mentor and simply have good and delicious fun.

We’re committed to connecting passionate foodies, bakers, supper-club & street food cooks and food businesses, as well as those running restaurants.

We believe in intersectional action to dismantle the glass ceiling in the kitchen, and all matters food, and beyond.

Who are we?

We are a group of passionate and positive activist women: 

The Women of Food founders are:

Food & restaurant journalist and event curator Sudi Pigott; 

Film-maker, director & producer “The Goddesses of Food” Vérane Frédiani;

Arts event producer Vivienne Huang; 

French food journalist Estérelle Payany.


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